John Beynon

John Beynon is the MWCA spokesperson for the county council ward of Stobhill.  John came very close to winning the seat in the May 2013 County Council elections where his message resonated with local people fed up with the Lib Dem administration at the county and town council levels.  John is a high

Glen Sanderson

Glen Sanderson is the County Councillor for Longhorsley, which includes the villages of Hepscott and Mitford in the constituency. Glen is deputy leader of the Conservative team in Northumberland County Council.   

Kate Holmes

Kate is one of 5 Conservative town council candidates for Morpeth Kirkhill.  Kate has lived in Morpeth all of her life.  She attended Morpeth schools and has worked in Morpeth since she was 16.  She is married with one daughter.

João Parreira

João Parreira, better known as JP is one of our Conservative Town Council Candidates for Morpeth Stobhill.  JP has lived in and around Morpeth for the last 20 years and currently lives in Green Lane.

Paul Sellars

The son of a miner, Paul Sellars was raised in Northumberland, educated at Blyth Grammar School and had a 34 year career in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, serving at establishments countywide having joined as a Prison Officer and progressed through to senior ranks.  

Rachael Hogg

Rachael was born in Northumberland and has lived in Morpeth with her partner and young daughter since 2010.

Jayne Clayton

Jayne is originally from Liverpool but has lived in Morpeth for 14 years and works as a team leader in the care industry in Northumberland.

Richard Wearmouth

Richard Wearmouth is the Chair of the MWCA and a previous county and town council candidate. Richard has worked hard to help make sure that the MWCA rolls up its sleeves and engages with the issues affecting our area.

Jack Gebhard

Jack is currently chair of the Morpeth branch of the local Conservative Party. In the May 2013 Morpeth Town Council election, Jack stood for the Kirkhill ward where he has lived all of his life and came within 1 vote of successful election.

Nicola Bawn

Nicola works as a community pharmacist and lives locally with her husband and young family.