No pause for Bedlington regeneration

Despite the scare stories and misinformation put about by the discredited outgoing Labour group, proposals for the redevelopment of Bedlington Town Centre have been supported this week by the Conservative Group on Northumberland County Council.

The plans formulated through consultation with local residents and interested groups are currently in the planning process. The plans centre on the redevelopment of the former Tesco's site in the centre of the town are due to go to the next planning committee meeting of the council on June the 8th.

Peter Jackson, the leader of the Conservative Group said, "This proposal is key to the regeneration of Bedlington and part of making sure the town gets a fair deal from Northumberland County Council.

"The proposals are the result of included a lot of hard work from stakeholders and politicians across the town and we will, subject to planning approval, be working to ensure it moves from the planning to the implementation stage in the months to come."

“It is possible that we will open up a consultation on the fine tuning of the proposals as there have in hindsight been things that local people have suggested they would like to see added to the proposals. However this will not be allowed to slow down planning permission for the proposals the bulk of which people have said they are very happy about.

"This is an exciting time for Bedlington, we want to see it become a thriving and vibrant town once more.”