More school places for Morpeth set to be approved

Conservative run Northumberland County Council looks set to approve the creation of 120 additional places at Chantry Middle School with £700,000 being proposed for investment in existing and new buildings at the school. The plans will come before the council cabinet on the 12th December along with a series of schemes for other schools in the county.   

The additional places mean there will be five forms at Chantry rather than the current four, with the aim being for the additional places to be available by September 2018. The move will end months of concern for parents in Morpeth following a shortfall left behind by the previous Labour administration at the county council.

Last month, Conservative councillors approved funding of a new £6.85m first school on land at Loansdean in Morpeth to replace the current school at Goose Hill.

Conservative councillor for Morpeth North, David Bawn said: “We inherited an absolute mess in terms of education in Morpeth. But we have taken control of the situation in the town and are beginning to make strides – as we promised to do.

“Parents have rightfully been concerned, but I can assure them this Conservative administration is getting to grips with the problem and we are determined to create an excellent education system for Morpeth and the whole of Northumberland.” 

John Beynon, councillor for Morpeth Stobhill said: “Solving the schools places crisis has come up time and again as a major issue for people living in Morpeth.

“I am immensely proud we Conservatives are now fixing the failures we inherited and will continue to mend the problems we are discovering.”